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You already know that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. We know that most of you despise bra shopping and find your selection boring. That's why we're here. With sizes A-I available, we are your one stop shop for expert bra fittings, lingerie styling advice and just a really cool place to hang out.


Read the bios about our expert bra fitters and decide who's the right fit for you. Schedule an appointment by email or phone today!



Meet Our Fitters



Triva, Manager/Bra Fitting Specialist:


I have always had a love for Fashion and Styling, but it was here at Teddies for Bettys
where I realized it all starts with your foundations.
Holding this ideal close to heart, my true enjoyment is the
personal experience I have with each woman who walks into TFB.
No matter their reason for coming in, improving their outlook on life
and themselves by starting with the foundation closest to their heart is what it's all about.
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Avery, Bra Fitting Specialist:

Having worked with Teddies for Bettys for the past 7 years,
I have come to appreciate and work closely with some of the most amazing
people/customers I have ever had the fortune to know.
Each person who walks in are looking for a change; be it
fit, style, desire, or even just to feel 'beautiful' again.
To connect, and grow with each customer on their own personal journey of self-love,
is why I look forward to coming to work everyday.
My job is to help you find the perfect fit. Yours? To embrace it.
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