Care Instructions

Caring for your intimates doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process. We know y’all are busy, hard-working betty babes and finding the time to fit washing your delicates in between dinner and the next game of thrones episode is a feat. Here are a couple tips on how to give the love back to your seamless outfit savers, sexy heart-breakers, and silhouette makers that have always been there to support you, no matter the occasion. We’ve got you covered.


How to Wash:

We always recommend reading your garment care tags as many items require special cleaning instructions. If you are ever unsure, dry-cleaning is recommended.

Machine Wash:
- Delicate or Gentle cycle
- Cold or lukewarm water
- NEVER run your intimates through the dryer. Always allow your garments to either hang dry or lay flat on a towel to remove excess water

Hand Wash:
- Fill your sink with lukewarm water and delicate washing detergent
- Soak Lingerie for 10-15 minutes
- Gently rub the fabric together to remove dirt
- Rinse in cool water (Until the water runs clear)
- Lay garment flat on a towel
- Lay another towel over the top & press to remove extra water
- Hang dry over a drying rack or lay flat



Tips for Wash/Care:

  • Spot/Hand Washing is many times preferred to increase the lifespan and keep the vibrance of your delicates.

  • A soft bristle toothbrush to gently remove dirt

  • Dryer use beware! Heat from the Dryer can warp wires, break down elasticity composition of materials, and strip dyes from the fabric.

  • Lingerie bags are ideal for machine wash use.

  • Best detergents are delicate, non-concentrated, gentle formulas such as our favorite wash, Soak! These get rid of dirt without stripping or damaging the material as well as washing away to keep you safe from any residual soap products that could cause health issues.



Tips for Storing:

  • Drawer:

Make sure your bra band is unhooked.
Fold one cup into the other, with the band straps laying against each other evenly.
Where the bra strap connects with the band, fold your band down, and again where the tip hits until you have folded your band gently into the cup.
Now take your straps, make sure they are neat, and tuck them into the band.
You should have a neatly folded bra perfect for layering within your drawer for a clutter free view and accessibility!

  • Hanging:

There are many different hanger options you can find that will allow for multiple bras per hanger to keep space to a minimum while still allowing for easy viewing

Option 1: You will need a pant hanger (one with clips). With your bra band hooked, hold your bra upside down, band in hand, and clip your band, one hook per side

Option 2: You will need a hanger with either multiple clips or rings. If you have clips, take each bra (with band hooked), and clip one strap, allowing the bra to hang. If you have rings, take each bra (with band hooked), and ring one strap, allowing bra to hang. You can have multiple bras per hanger to minimize space used.



Tips for Travel:

Fold the bra (One cup within the other with straps and band for easy stacking

To keep the molded shape, tuck socks/panties into the curvature of the cup

Travel containers for your intimates are available as well!

Take your favorite fabric detergent in a travel size container. Our SOAK travel size detergents are TSA approved and perfect for carry on or in your luggage.