If you're living in Austin TX or anywhere in the south, you are longing for a winter in white and unfortunately, it's not happening. Unless that is, you're like us and creating you very own white winter under your t-shirts on these 80 degree December Days. 

White lingerie gives a crisp and bright look, making even the sadness over humid winter days disappear. Who needs 20 degree temps to feel like an Ice Princess? Not you. No, you have Simone Perele's Wish Plunge bra paired with denim. It's everything. Igloo's and Eskimo's? Nah girl. La Perla's Charisma Demi and a Klondike bar is your kinda chill.


 In all seriousness, having a few key foundations in white will serve you well. Think about it, we wear nude and cream tones under white shirts. Why not white under white? It flatters almost all skin tones. The contrast that white offers with color can be a fashion-forward move when styling your outfits each day. A blue blouse with white pin stripes and a touch of white lace peeking out... Tres Chic. And you can rest assured there are no taboo's about wearing white bras and panties after labor day. 




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