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Prima Donna Understands Women

Posted on 13 November 2016

Prima Donna understands women. Really.

For those of us who blow straight past the standard A through D cup sizes, it can be tough to find lingerie that fits and supports the breasts, while actually looking good. Luckily, Prima Donna understands this difficulty. For a hundred and fifty years, the craftsmen and women at Prima Donna have specialized in breathtaking, well-fitting lingerie.

In 1865, Salomon Lindauer founded H. Guttman & Co, a corsetry company that would later become Prima Donna. By the turn of the century, the modern namesake was adopted and Prima Donna established itself as a luxury lingerie company for well-to-do women.

Through the decades of success, Prima Donna has established itself as more than just a luxury brand. It is a brand that specializes in creating breathtaking bras for all shapes and sizes, available all the way up to J cup.

Check out this video and learn all about those who celebrate Prima Donna’s E Cup Day! Spoiler alert: it’s not who you expect.



Prima Donna is all about beautiful, high quality, versatile products. Whether you’re an A cup or a J cup, Prima Donna is your one-stop shop for stunning bras that fit you to perfection. For a hundred and fifty years, Prima Donna has provided the best of the best for its customers.

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