The Bettys continue to spread their lingerie love across the Austin area with KXAN News. If you missed our September 10th broadcast, you can view it here! 
Studio 512 asked our founder and CEO, Ashley Kelsch, all the important bra-fitting questions you’ve been dying to ask. Does your bra fit? Do you even know how to tell if your bra doesn’t fit? The answers to these questions can make all the difference since your bra fits can make a major impact on how your clothes look and how you feel.
As our favorite girlboss explains, “…it’s the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off. If it’s not fitting right, you’re going to feel that all day long”. A great fitting bra can, “…relieve back pain, improve your posture, and it gives you an overall better look underneath your clothes”. At Teddies for Bettys, we truly impress upon on customers to make sure they get fitted before investing in a bra so that they’re getting the best look and quality before purchasing. So, how often should you get measured for a bra? Ashley explains that, “…we recommend coming in for a bra fitting every six months. I know that sounds like a lot, but, it only takes a few minutes and unfortunately our breast our not like our height, they don't stay the same. Whether it’s weight gain or weight loss, exercise, pregnancy…all those things play a factor”.
After walking viewers through where to measure for the band and cup size, Ashley explains the key points of where to look to see if your bra is fitting correctly. Make sure the band of the bra is at the middle of your bra and not riding up. Also, make sure you’re using the farthest set of hooks on your bra so that when it stretches you can continue to move up the hooks to give you that same great fit. Finally, make sure the underwire or mold of the bra is hitting directly underneath your armpit to make sure you’re moving all the breast tissue towards the front and not digging in on the side. If you’re still unclear, we have some lovely Bettys to model bras that fit each of their silhouettes perfectly in this televised segment.
At Teddies for Bettys, we love to spread lingerie love and knowledge. A woman who knows her body and how to dress it, both with ready to wear and lingerie, is a Betty who can take over the world! For more bra fitting tips, visit us in store, at our West 2nd Street store in downtown Austin, Texas.

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