Let's Talk About Sex, Bettys! 
Years ago someone told me, 'An orgasm is like lunch; You can't skip lunch today and eat twice tomorrow to make up for it.'
I know, real deep ;) 
For me, having a lingerie store means not only having the bras that are made to fit and support you and all the sexy or sleepy lingerie you might want, but sex toys to meet all the needs we as women (and men) have. 
The WELL BEING aspect of Teddies for Bettys has been a foundation of our brand since opening 9 years ago- and let me tell you something- I've had to fight for this piece. Whether I was being denied a commercial lease or business insurance, I wouldn't back down. 
SEX TOYS are FUN and inclusive to those who want to explore and experiment with a variety of sensations. 
There is so much so shame and embarrassment around sex toys (and sex in general) that I want to do what I can to educate and lighten up the mood a bit! 
With that said, here is a little intro to our new series-

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Colette Davenport

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