5 Ways to Get a Longer Lifespan Out of Your Bra 

I wish I had a polaroid for every bra we’ve laid to rest at Teddies for Bettys. Women come in for fittings usually wanting to walk out in one of their new bras, and throw the old one away. Sometimes, I insist they throw it away.
The average lifespan of a bra is 6-9 months depending how much you wear it.
Face it. Your bra can’t live forever, but there are a few measures you can take to prolong your bra’s lifespan. If your straps are slipping off your shoulders and no hook is tight enough, you might need to accept the fact the she’s done and let her go. Here are some tips.
Elastic stretches.
When you go bra shopping, be sure you are fitted or have been in the past 6 months. You want the band to feel a bit snug on the loosest set of hooks, because it will begin to ‘give’ after just a few wears. Your fitting expert should be able to assess your correct size. The answer may even surprise you! It's likely that your band will be smaller and your cup larger than what you’d normally wear.

Care for your bra.
Taking care of your bras is essential as well, and often overlooked. Do not treat your bra the same as you would any old t-shirt in the bottom of your hamper. If you dry your bra, the heat will melt the elastic and break down the materials. Uneven underwire and worn elastic does not flatter any cup size! If you can, use lingerie specific detergent (check out SOAK) and lay your bras flat to dry. NO DRYER. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Buy quality bras.
The extra investment in your bras will be worth it. The craftsmanship and high quality material put into the bra is what helps sustain it longer. By spending a little more money up front, you will save more in the long run. Cheap bras are just that. It’s no surprise that they don’t last very long. We are not suggesting cringingly expensive lingerie brand names. We are suggesting strong, mid-price products that will not wear out in just a couple months. Your breasts deserve the best!

Build a rotation.
If there is one bra that has your ideal fit and feel, and you see yourself wanting to wear it everyday, get more than one! Preferably in different colors. You can set yourself up for a rotation, assuring your lingerie will live longer. Find that one perfect bra and buy it in a few different colors so you never have to sacrifice comfort between washes.
    Enjoy Year-Round Access.
    Once we find our ‘one true fit,’ it’s only natural to want that same wonderful fit forever. Thankfully, lingerie makers know this. Ask your fitter if your favorite bra is available all year. We at Teddies for Bettys along with many other shops, keep in stock what they call basics or replenishment, meaning you can buy or replace the bra at any time. As a bonus, they usually produce a fashion color that is trending that season!
      If you follow these 5 tips, the lifespan of your bras should extend tremendously. Have more questions on how to know if your bra is fitting properly? Watch as I dish the lingerie love and knowledge on KXAN's STUDIO512 or call one of our bra fitting specialist's today. If you know the know, shop our collections for all your high-quality, high-fashion bras!

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