A Guide to the Most Famous Bra Size 

The Best DD Lingerie Styles for Your Breast Shape

by Kim Vilyus


Every woman knows how daunting it can be to find a bra that fits perfectly, especially if you are rockin a pair of DDs or above.  Let's face it...this is complicated business.  There should be a tittie curriculum that follows up Sex-Ed. to teach us this invaluable information from a young age.  Once you add comfort level and good looking to the list, it can feel like you are in search of the Holy Grail.  Knowing how intimidating this can be, we decided to break it down for you to make the pursuit of DD lingerie a bit more appealing.


Breast Shape/Style Guide

 (Note: Many brands go straight from D to E, which is equivalent to DD in these cases.  Just check the size run for clarity.)


1. The Bell Shape: these ladies are slimmer on top and fuller on bottom. 

Bra Shape - Try a Balconette, such as the Antigel Tressage Graphique.  With wider set straps, the Tressage Graphique balconette creates lift yet covers in comfort!

DD lingerie balconette style



2. The Round Breasts: These girls are equally full on top and bottom.

Bra Shape  - Round breasts can wear lots of different styles with confidence, but look especially great in a Full Cup, such as the easy-to-fit Marie Jo Undertones.  This unlined bra is smooth for everyday wear and suits the round shape with perfect coverage. 

 DD lingerie full cup 


3. Side Set: these breasts are set further apart, with less cleavage.

Bra Shape - try a deep Plunge bra.  The Prima Donna Aurora Plunge is sheer in just the right places for an extra dose of sexy.  Your fuller-cupped friends will be jealous that you can get away with this more daring style on the daily. Also, Prima Donna only carries size D cup and above, making them one of the best in DD lingerie and above!

 DD plunge bra



4.  The Tear Drop: this shape is similar to round, but less full on the top.

Bra Shape - tear drop titties look great in a smooth Demi.  Try the top-selling Simone Perele Wish, with its tall vertical seams that create lift and lower coverage that looks perfect under any neckline. The DD-F cups of the Simone Perele Wish have extra non-stretch support 'slings' at the sides for extra lift!

DD Demi bra


Additional Tips for Buying DD lingerie:

- Look for 2 to 3 closure hooks (vertically speaking) in back, which adds support in the band.  80% of your support should come from the band, with 20% from the straps, so this is a much needed feature for a larger cup.

- Refer to our Measuring Guide to ensure you are shopping for the correct size. Remember, the majority of women are wearing the wrong size bra.  You wouldn't wear the wrong size shoe would you?  Pay particular attention to your boobs and get them in the correct size bra! They will thank you!

- Reach out with questions to one our Teddies for Bettys Fit Experts if shopping online, or pop into one of our Austin locations if you are a local Texan.    

- Have a proper Bra Fitting done once every 6 months...think less like a trip to the dentist and more like a trip to the salon.  You will leave feeling confidant and empowered knowing that you got the girls covered literally and figuratively, and that's not just the champagne talking. 

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