7 Essential Bras All Women Should Have in Their Drawer
Every woman should have at least 7 comfortable, reliable bras that suit her different needs. Sounds like a lot, we get it, but we also know that you've been in a 'dammit, my bra straps look ridiculous maybe I'll let the girls go free and why don't I have a strapless?!' moment (Let's never relive that again, please!) Every Betty needs a bra for all occasions. #likeabetty, Don’t compromise – you should look forward to putting on your underthings.Check out our recommendations for the 7 essential bras that you must have in your drawer:
    All Over Lace Bra.  Don’t be deceived by the lack of molded cup. Depending on the silhouette, you can get a lot of lift! This is a must-have sexy option that highlights your natural shape, rather than overly structuring your breasts. For a naturally seductive look, go lace or go home. Or both. Lace at home is hot, too.
        A Red bra. As bold as it gets! Red is always a go-to for special occasion, but it can also be an everyday option, since red is the same pigment as white. (Did you read our blog proving this sexy scientific fact? Game changer!) This color grabs attention and radiates seduction, whether it is a simple t-shirt style or an intricate lace design. Choose red, instead. You can’t go wrong!
          A Demi Low-Cut. Immediate visuals lend themselves to 1800's Victorian corsets with cleavage sitting high and the fear that if she bent over ever so slightly, breasts would pour from her dress. Fast forward to modern day and we are here to say, 'wow! I had no idea I could have such lift and support from an unlined bra!' Bonus? It leaves your chest uncovered allowing for low cut shirts and button ups. Think less IS more. Demi bras are an absolute necessity for scoop necklines and summery dresses, providing shape and support without peeking out the dreadful spillage we referred to.
              Strapless/Convertible. Rewind to our opening credits, this is an absolute necessity as a foundation for those dresses and tops that won’t compromise. (As if we would ever ask you to compromise to begin with) You should never have to sacrifice a complicated neckline due to lack of proper undergarments!  A strapless bra with convertible straps needs to be in EVERY woman’s lingerie drawer.
                  T-Shirt Bra. We are all about #freethenipple, until we are having lunch with our kids in the middle school cafeteria and 50 of their friends…some days molded cups are required. A smooth, comfortable grab-and-go style is needed for those everyday events. Comfort and coverage are a must. We crush a little harder on our T-Shirt bra when she comes with adjustable straps, just sayin'.
                      Soft Bra. As the name suggests, this is a soft, wireless that gives you all-day support without any fuss. You can choose from cotton and smooth to sleep in (yes, it’s that comfy!), or lace and bright for layering. Think festivals, draping tanks and hot, hot heat. A soft bra will give you the coverage you need when you aren't necessarily looking for a ton of it :) 
                          Spacer Bra. This breathable cup is a godsend! The spacer bra molds to the shape of your breast after wearing it for just 15 minutes. Not only is this bra designed to create a truly flawless fit, it is also lightweight and breathable, adding no additional volume. Since this style is so wonderfully versatile, we recommend a neutral tone that accommodates even the lightest shirt pigments. But if we can brag about a particular spacer cup, our Andora 3-D molded spacer cup by Simone Perele bra is a high-five. Nearly every woman who tries it buys it in BOTH blush and black. Cause she's that good.
                            If you think you are lacking in 1 or more of these 7 essential bras, shop our selection and add some versatility to the drawer!  At Teddies for Bettys, we think it’s imperative that at least one of these bras speaks to your sexy side. Practical does not have to mean boring!
                            Oh, and one last little tip:
                            If you fall in love with a matching set, especially if it is a fashion color, we recommend at least 2 matching bottoms. This is one FOMO moment we have witnessed more than we can count over the years. It's worth the investment!

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