We've been through Orange is the new Black and Black is the new Black, but we at Teddies for Bettys are representing a new one;
That's right, and Science says we can.
RED is the same pigment as WHITE!
What does this mean and why is it such a big deal?
It means you can wear your red bra under your white shirt and it will appear no different than a nude bra would.
Earth Shattering,
we know.
The bonus?!
Red is hot, it's bold and it stands out.
Red lingerie is what comes to mind for a special occasion.
Well, not anymore. We don't need a special occasion to wear a red bra.
We have science.
 Not that we needed a technical excuse, but it certainly helps.
Shop Our RED selection and stock those drawers.
Impress your friends with your new found knowledge over happy hour with a little show and tell.
After all, Smart is the new Sexy.

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