Don't get Busted wearing an ill fitting bra...

We’ve all been guilty! Trying to get those last few wears out of our favorite bra, putting off bra shopping because there is not time in the day, and clinging to that poor, poor, 34B for life. Well, at Teddies For Bettys, we believe that to live well is to wear a well fitted bra! Before going to the trouble of all those confusing online bra fit calculators, we’ve created a simple checklist to see if your bra is the wrong size. So forget the measuring tape and the unclear questions, we’ve provided some easy examples that won’t leave you staring at your computer in vain!
If your bra fits like one or more of our examples, it’s time to get re-measured!
Getting fit for a bra takes only a few minutes in our downtown Austin shop, but if you can’t stop in, watch our Bra Fitting 101 segment on KXAN News! And then shop our Bettys Favorite Fits. At Teddies for Bettys, we love to spread lingerie love and knowledge. We believe that a woman who knows her body and how to dress it, both with ready to wear and lingerie, is a Betty who can take over the world!

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