Running in the name of Every Mother Counts

Each year brings and passes the opportunity to run a half marathon, marathon, ride a century ride, do a triathlon, you know, cross some sort of finish line. And each year I kick myself for not signing up and accomplishing such a feat.

My mindset, an unfortunate one, is that if I can't train to the best of my ability, and push myself to a new personal best, then why bother participating. (absurd, I know.)

 I tell myself there isn't time to train. That my schedule is too packed right now with work and kids and a sore back and groceries to be bought and the dog to walk and, well, LIFE.

Life, as we all know, is always happening. Which is why I had to toss out my ego and 'personal best' bullshit and commit. Commit to something bigger than me.

So I signed up for the half marathon... and convinced Nick, my 15 year old, to do it with me.

The cool thing about the Austin marathon is that they encourage you to raise money for a non-profit. THIS was the 'something bigger', that I was referring to.

THIS was, and is going to be, Every Mother Counts, founded by Christy Turlington.

Have you heard of Every Mother Counts?

Actually, let me ask you this: Did you know that every 2 minutes a woman dies from complications during childbirth?

That's 800 deaths a day.

98% of these deaths are preventable.

Every Mother Counts is working to drastically minimize these numbers by addressing the three main areas that provide critical maternal healthcare:

transportation, education, and supplies.

Every woman, every where, deserves to give birth knowing that she and her baby will have the best resources and care possible.

This is why I'm running in the name of Every Mother Counts.

No longer am I worried about my time or making sure I stick to a training schedule that stresses me out. I'm focused on my efforts to bring more awareness to Every Mother Counts and run with meaning.

If you feel moved to make a donation on my behalf to Every Mother Counts, I'd be ever so grateful...

(you can click here to do just that)

I'm also excited to say that this isn't the last you will hear from myself or Teddies for Bettys about Every Mother Counts. We have some plans in the works! Stay tuned...

If you are interested in raising awareness for Every Mother Counts via movement, go here.

For more information about the EMC organization, go here.

Otherwise, check out this info-graphic:



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