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Valentine's on the Mind; Feeling French

Posted on 14 February 2016

Feeling {tres} French

We have Valentines on the mind and it's feeling French. How does that translate? In lingerie language at Teddies for Bettys, it means très chic, très sexy, très la femme.

A few things you may try...

match your accessories with your lingerie.

bare a little or a lot with a babydoll.

wear foundations under your outfit that will seduce your lover.

own your sex appeal and make 'em crazy with the details.

You can always take feeling french a bit further and apply a few life lessons from one of our favorite reads,

How to be Parisian where ever you are.

“When it comes to revealing herself, she follows one golden rule: less is definitely more...A skirt that rides ever so slightly up her thigh when she sits down in a café; a wide-necked tee that slips down her shoulder as she waves for the waiter; the surreptitious hint of her breasts when she leans down to pick up her bag.”

"You don't always have to be made up, but you should always be well dressed."

“Always be fuckable: when standing in line at the bakery on a Sunday morning, buying champagne in the middle of the night, or even picking the kids up from school. You never know.”

How french are you feeling this Valentine's Day?


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