There was a time, era’s even, where suspender belts, waspies, corsets and stockings reigned out of necessity. Women had little option but to wear these foundations daily. Depending on who you ask, they may envision the Shakespearean days, Betty Paige or the quick drab turn it all took in the 50’s.  Most likely, few women identify with these looks, alas, leaving corsets and garter belts in the past.

I beg you, stop right there.

Today I will show you a new era of lingerie dressing and you will be hooked. Women as a whole no longer ‘need’ these foundations, but my god, why wouldn’t we WANT them? The most alluring aspect is that they are a sexy way to build a solid foundation under your outfit.

What I want you to do is visualize working girl meets your sexual powerhouse.

When pulling up your stocking and making sure the line is straight on the backside.

Hooking the suspender belt and adjusting it around your waist.

These movements embody being feminine.

Sometimes these small, often unseen accessories show ever so slightly and notice is taken. Noticed by who?

By you.

While getting dressed. Your reflection off a window while walking outside.

You half smile knowing what you have going on. Not just under your outfit, but underneath it all.

It’s almost too much to handle.

Go for it just once, and you’ll be hooked.





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